Breast binding involves flattening the breasts temporarily using a material that will constrict them. Most people use cloth strips, non-elastic, and elastic materials to bind the breast to not be visible over a shirt or dress. This is an act that is commonly used by transgender and crossdressers. Both men and women can use Transtape as breast and chest binding material.

Many transgender persons are self-aware, and it is crucial for their self-esteem for them to find something that feels natural. It is easy to use Trans tape no matter your body’s size and shape because it is natural-looking. The wearer will not have any side effects after removing it, and they can match any skin type and tone.


Who uses TransTape?

Transtape is a product that was first made in 2017 to make it easy for transgender to flatten their chests without surgery. It is an excellent alternative to permanent surgery that may have adverse effects and bodily harm. It can be used by the following individuals easily:

  • Who want to conceal their breast so that they can fit seamlessly into the clothes they like.
  • Cosplayers
  • Who needs to fit into costumes that require you to bind the breast.
  • Gender non conforming individuals

There have been studies showing that unsafe methods used to bind the breasts may cause health problems. The transtape wearers will often seek help and might, in the process, find themselves facing stigma.

Note that this tape can be used by both men and women of any color, size, and skin type as an alternative for gender non conforming individuals.

backless and waterproof alternative

Reasons for using TransTape

Many transgender individuals and crossdressers have a hard time concealing their breasts so that they can fit in the dress or shirt they would desire. For many people, surgery might not be the best solution for various reasons. It is much easier for them to resort to something temporary so that they can fit in their clothes and take them out when they desire.

Performers also use the tape because it is easy, and they can always remove it and go back to their average body after a performance. Some costumes need a performer to fit in looking flat chested so that it can portray the goal of the performance. In this case, a temporary solution is the best alternative than traditional binding.

Body Transformation System

It is essential for gender non conforming individuals who needs to bind the breast to get a tape that can work all day effectively and at night. Other cloth binders might move and leave you without bonding, especially if you are doing a lot of activities that need you to be active.

Benefits of Transtape

There are several benefits of using Transtape to bind the breasts. They are:

  • It is temporary, and you can remove it anytime you want
  • It will not leave any permanent body scars or damage after you are done using it
  • They conceal breasts and also breast development
  • They accelerate recovery in case of injury or after a surgery
  • They help to suppress gender and assist females in passing as male
  • Helps athlete to keep their breasts concealed
  • body transformation system

If you use the wrong tape to conceal your breasts, it might cause permanent damage to your breast or your chest. The tape is easy to use, and you will not need the help of anyone to put it on and also to remove it when you are done.

Many men, women and gender non conforming individuals that resort to breast binding have low self-esteem, and they need to ensure that the tape they use will work discreetly.

This tape ensures that you can conceal your breast without fear because no one will know that you are using it. The dress or shirt will be seamless and will not bulge because it is thin and can be cut to any size you want.


How to use Transtape

Using Tran tape is easy because it is not permanent, and you can use it any time you want and take it out at any time too. You can cut the tape to your desired size so that you can fit it exactly the way you want it to. Some of the materials that people use for breast binding are unsafe and might leave you with injuries. It is much better to use a tape that is made for that purpose so that you will not get any complications from the binding material.

Transtape is used under the garment, and it is tied on the breast or the chest. It is best that you use a binder that you trust so that you can get the best from the tape. Transtape is reputable and has been used for a long time so that you can trust it to work safely and effectively throughout the day.

Cut the tape to your preferred size and tie it around your chest or breast. You can also use a little tape on the breast if you need a flat front.

TrannyTape – FTM Chest Binding

This is a breast binding tape that can be used on any type of skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals that might harm your skin. It is much safer for use when breast binding than duct tape but still strong enough to hold your breasts no matter the size.

The Trans tape will hold everything in place so that you can do any activity you want without any difficulty. The tape is made using 95% cotton and 5% spandex material so that it can be both strong and safe. The tape holds your breasts no matter your breast size or your chest size because it is strong.

Made using sweat-resistant material, Trans tape is sufficient for use at any time of the day or the night. It is safely worn when swimming and doing any other extreme activity because it will hold still. You can wear the Trans tape all day and all night.

trans tape

Backless and Waterproof Alternative

Each roll of Transtape is 16 feet by 2 inches, and you can cut out the size you want so that you can have enough for use. Depending on the situation, you can wear the tape for more than a day.


  • It is strong and can be used for more than a day.
  • The tape is water-resistant
  • It is made using quality material
  • The tape is thin and will not bulge under the clothes or sag while you have it on
  • The material used to make it is latex-free and, therefore, safe for use by anyone
  • Both men and women can use it
  • The tape is ideal for use with any body type, size, and for any skin type
  • Trans tape is latex-free and therefore safe for use by anyone.

When buying Transtape on your own body, it is essential that you put into consideration your size and use. Although it can be used for a long time, it might not be recommended for days and most certainly not on areas with hair. You might need to shave your chest first before you use the tape to be more effective and less painful when taking it off.